Jan 192013

Hemp has over 2,500 uses besides smoking it for recreational purposes. So why is it illegal? Because industrialist in the early 1900′s did not want to compete with hemp so they created a smear campaign to make it illegal which¬†ultimately¬†grew their wealth and power. It’s time to educate yourself about this plant. Besides what is put on this site you can put “the many uses of hemp” into google and learn more. The bottom line is this is a crop that will help a struggling economy. Educate yourself and support hemp production.

 Posted by on January 19, 2013

  One Response to “What Would Outdoor Apparel And Equipment Be Like If Hemp Were Legal?”

  1. Ever seen the back of a $20 bill? Ever see the back of a $20 bill… ON WEED? There’s a guy in the bushes! What’s he doing? I don’t know! Red Team go!

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