Jul 282013
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This short video will give you a quick understanding of the truth about hemp regarding why it is illegal and why it should not be. This plant has amazing economic and ecological rewards we can benefit from. To make your voice heard, start by visiting votehemp.com.

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Apr 142013
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It is true, Henry Ford did use Hemp in the construction of this car. He also had no plans to use petroleum-based fuels to power his original Model-T. The financial interest of the petroleum-based industry was ultimately responsible for the surge in oil usage. To read more about Henry Ford and his vision of the American Farmer and fuel visit Hempcar.org.

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Apr 072013

If you want to help end the prohibition of Marijuana then visit normal.org. If you buy the rhetoric that it is an evil drug, then please open your mind and visit normal.org to do a little research. It can be used for so much more than a recreational drug and it is far less harmful than alcohol or cigarettes. By the way, the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper.

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Mar 312013

Four 20 Boards is an independtly owned snowboard and skateboard company. If you are looking for the top of the line snowboards and skateboards, want to be unique or are just looking for information and videos on snowboards, snowboarding, skateboards and skateboarding you have found the right place. – (Four20boards.com) This company makes their products from hemp, a.k.a weed, cannabis or whatever other name you want to call the plant. They have good information about the benefits of commercially grown hemp along with who they are and what they sell. Check them out at Four20Boards.com.

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